What is Mulching? What are the Benefits of Mulching?

What is mulching? What are the benefits of mulching? The mulch can be made from natural materials or synthetic materials, which provide a better development of the plants.

What is mulching?

The mulch is used for covering the soil where the cultivated plants such as trees, flowers and vegetables are grown, and the covering of the soil with mulch is called mulching. The purpose of mulching is to support the better development of plants. Mulching can be done with natural materials or synthetic materials.

What are the benefits of mulching?

1- Soil temperature can be balanced.
2- Evaporation in soil surface decreases and water is saved.
3- By cutting sunlight, weed growth is prevented.
4- Rain protects the soil against factors like wind.
5- Adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

What are the ingredients of mulch?

What is mulching

Organic mulches: Wood shells and chips, sawdust powder, leaves, grain stalks and straw (shredded corn stalks), grass, pulp and manure.

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Inorganic mulch: Stone, sand, gravel, ash, dust, soil.
Synthetic mulch: Paper, plastic sheeting, plastic parts, plastic foam, aluminum sheet, asphalt and petroleum solutions are synthetic mulch.

What makes mulching?

What is mulching

Mulching is important for soil and plant health. Mulching to be done just before winter enters the soil to cool down later and protects the soil from rain and snow. Covering immediately before the summer months protects the soil from the negative effects of the sun and heat. Covering for weed suppression eliminates the need to soil the soil and minimizes damage to soil biology.

Thicker covering methods, such as water sponge during the rainy period absorbs floods and thus prevents erosion. In the extremely dry period, it meets the moisture requirement of the soil. Organic mulch material gives organic matter to soil by natural weathering over time.

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