It is a fact that our retro love within us is completely different. Fashion also loves returning to the past from time to time. Instead of discussing why, from the 90s to our lives, which hairstyles have returned, let’s look together.

African braiding

African weaves save many people’s lives (don’t say that, you’ve had hair that you can’t cope with, you’ll feel like that) and it’s very fashionable. If you trust yourself, we must try it once.

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Pop star tops

The mass of children in the 90s, if you read this, we know that you made this knob at that time. If you couldn’t, it’s time to do it now. Because the pop star knobs didn’t stay in the ’90s. I came back <3 luckily 🙂

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Scrunchies came by.

What are scrunchies? We have seen in our mothers in the 90s, even in Sex and The City cloth buckles 🙂 The correct address of princess turned scrunchieler <3

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Half ponytail

Half a ponytail, half a bun. Remember that Claudia Schiffer is also the proof of this.

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Face to face (?)

Two tufts of hair and a fluffy bun, frustrating your face, left unattended from the right and left. Whether you’re going out, going to work, or going to the sport, you’re going to look very nice.

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If you say iyor What toast, honey, toast? “ yes, it is. Let’s say it’s fashion again. We recommend you to go even further and remove your tongs in a rack. Then you’re welcome.

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Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are back with the spirit of the festival. You can put a lot of stuff on your head without fear. Nobody will look weird strange, don’t worry 🙂

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