The unique style with forging a new breath to the world that Poland-based art three of  Mariusz Trubisz ‘skin inspiring work that we have in our publication. The artist, who designed especially colorful tattoos, has done great works with his geometric portrait works.

In terms of style of Pablo Picasso ‘s painting reflects the technical Mariusz Trubisz ‘s tattoos are also of cubism current most obvious examples. Following the footsteps of Pablo Picasso , who laid the foundations of Cubism with Georges Braque , Mariusz Trubisz aims to reduce the 3D world to two dimensions by using geometric shapes.

The artist, who didn’t make only Cubist style tattoos, created a magnificent catalog with tattoo designs similar to the photographs taken by using double exposure technique in photography.

The artist, who draws attention especially with his linear tattoo and geometric tattoo designs , has several portraits that blend cats, Frida Kahlo , Nicola Tesla and sorrow.

The inspiring tattoos from Mariusz Trubisz , who came to the forefront with his geometric tattoos that are influenced by the Cubism movement, are below. Nice and happy cruises.🙂

Picasso Style Geometric and Linear Tattoos from Mariusz Trubisz: Cubism - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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