Lawn Care in the Fall: Tips on Care of the Lawn in the Fall

In the autumn, lawn care is of great importance for your lawn, which is worn out during the summer. Check maintenance tips for lawns, especially irrigation and fertilization.

In the autumn, your lawn needs care to develop strong roots and build an energy reserve. Check maintenance tips for lawns, especially irrigation and fertilization.

Throughout the summer, your lawn accompanied the activities you did for your family, but now it’s autumn. Now your lawn needs some help to keep you looking great. You can find detailed information and tips on lawn care in autumn.

How to make lawn care in autumn?

Autumn care for lawns is extremely important to preserve the beauty of your garden. For the lawn, you have to change the cultural care that you apply during the summer to adapt to the new season and to meet the needs of the lawns. Here are some of the tips you need to take care of lawns in autumn:

Irrigation: You should pay attention to watering for your lawn in autumn care. Your lawn needs less water than the dry and hot summer you leave behind. Do not cut off the watering immediately when balancing the watering as an essential part of maintenance for the autumn grass. If your location does not receive at least 2.5 cm of rain a week, you should water a little water throughout the winter.

Mowing: Continue to mow. Do you think you can stop mowing your lawn when it’s time for children to return to school? Think again. As long as the grass grows longer, you have to continue mowing. Before wintering, chill cool season grass up to 6 cm and warm-season grass to 3-5 cm. This is an important part of lawn care in the fall.

Leaves mulching: Fall leaves in the grass in the autumn may leave your lawn airless. However, it is not necessary to rake or burn them. During autumn care, it is sufficient to divide these leaves into small pieces with a mulching tool. Leaving these pieces on the lawn will help protect your lawn during the winter and keep it moist.

Fertilization: If you have a cold climate grass, your autumn lawn care will include feeding. Warm climate grass does not need to feed until spring. Be sure to use a slow-release and granular feed product. Use your garden gloves and sprinkle the right amount of product on the grass in equal amounts. If it does not rain in a few days, water the area thoroughly. Choose the suitable fertilizer for your lawn

October: If your cold-season grass looks sparse and bald in places, the soil is still warm enough to germinate the seeds, so you can re-plant your autumn care. Use the grass seed that is suitable for areas where intervention is required and seed about half of the recommended rate for new lawns. Renew warm season grass in spring time; Do not make this process your lawn fall care. Choose the seeds that are right for you to repair your lawn

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