Since 1997 tattoo art that the workmanship Matteo Pasquale’s have created magnificent works. Most of the famous names in the body of the artist who scratches the portraits of the names and films that immortalize the names.

Brad Pitt , Bob Marley, Charlie Chaplin , as well as the names of cult movies and series of tattoos. Pulp Fiction and Breaking Bad tattoos of the artist-driven artist; He didn’t forget Michael Jordan . Pirates of the Caribbean in the film  Jack Sparrow scraped to mind the character Johnny Deep , cult footballer Eric Cantona , the famous rap star Snoop Dog names like as well as the lives that actors and actresses of the old American films tattoo inviting collection Matteo Pasquali’s Italy-based artist.

Examples of tattoo that will cut your breath from Master Tattoo Artist Matteo Pasqualin - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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