Dirty Saro (aka pissaro_tattoo), a Russian tattoo art, has raised the bar of creativity with his tattoo works. A tattoo artist who likes to visit and discover new places, has created great works by combining the colorful tattoos with the botanical world and the animal world .

The artist, who frequently expresses the integrity of nature, in her tattoo works , usually uses elephant as an animal figure. The artist, who has included both flowering and flowerless plants in his studies, interpreted the leaves in a philosophical manner.

I usually tattooed on instagram and facebook accounts on how to do this, I’ll make it here as tattoo artist; ‘tattooing haram, tattooing, sin, tattoo, such as a pause to ask questions for everyone to have created colorful works.

A New Breath of 25 Creatures with the Creativity and Colorfulness of the Tattoo World - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://alldesingideas.com


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