Dangling potted flowers create a wonderful appearance in the environment. However, choosing the right flower to grow is the most important criterion to obtain this magnificent view. So it’s time to examine our list of the 9 most beautiful flowers you can grow in hanging pots.

Flowering potted flowers


Petunias are one of the best flowers to grow in hangers and basket-type pots. There are 35 different species of petunia in the world. In fact, this rich variety can be counted among the petunias. In different shapes and sizes, petunias that open in different forms such as single (lean coat) or double layers have numerous colors and textures. Therefore, you will not have difficulty in placing a suspended petunya for this great wealth.

The petunias, which are suitable for cultivation, require plenty of light to grow comfortably, and once a week is sufficient for watering petunias. During the summer, blooming blooming petunias emit a beautiful scent outdoors.

dangling potted flowers


Sweet Alisium

Sweet alisium is an annual plant that opens tiny flowers in small clusters. They can open tiny sweet aluminous flowers in white, pink, red, purple, yellow or purple colors. Sweet aluminums are among the fragrant species of the world of flowers. It grows well in borders, rock gardens, containers and hanging baskets.

The soil should be well drained for the healthy development of the sweet aliment. After sowing the seeds, hang them in the full sunlight basket. It is very important that the sweet aluminous plant grows well for growth. It should be well watered in dry weather. Beautiful, tiny flowers appear in small clusters throughout the summer. It is also ideal for making bouquets of pretty fragrant, beautiful sweet alumium flowers.

dangling potted flowers

Thunbergia alata (Black eyed Susan vine)

Thunbergia alata is a perennial climber plant. The flowering plant consists of five leaves and has a distinct black spot in the middle. The leaves can be orange, red, red-orange, white and bright yellow. Thunbergia has a flamboyant effect in the gardens, it grows well in basket-type or other hanging pots.

When raising Thunbergia, it is important to resist the hanging pot. This flower should be suspended over the sun-field. Regular watering is essential throughout the growing season. Flowers bloom repeatedly in the early summer.

dangling potted flowers

Klamatis Ivy (Clematis / Wild Vine)

Klamatis is a popular ivy blooming in red, purple, blue, yellow and white showy. There are 300 varieties in the world. Climbers are fascinating with their flowers in hanging baskets, which are a kind of climber.

The basket you are going to grow should be hung sunny. Regular irrigation is important for the healthy growth of the plant. Blooms during the summer and early fall.

dangling potted flowers

Fuchsias flower

Earring flower is one of the best hanging basket flowers in the world. You can reach a variety of flowerbeds to grow in your garden or on your balcony. Single and two-color earring flowers of different shapes and sizes create an eye-catching effect on pots. During full bloom, the colorful earrings will hang down from the basket, creating a visual revelation.

Earrings blossoms should be grown in moist soil. This plant is very easily affected by heat and frost. Fertilizing the plant every two weeks gives good results. Depending on the species and climate, the flowering time of the earrings may vary. They normally bloom between March and April. In hot climates, it may be necessary to irrigate twice a day or even daily.

dangling potted flowers


Geranium is an extremely popular flower that blooms in different sizes and shapes. Single or double geranium flowers come in pink, blue, white, orange, red and purple colors. Geranium is usually grown in hanging baskets. It also grows very well in beds and borders.

Spring is the best season for growing geranium plants. At first fill a basket with a well-drained soil and crop the segments. Then hang the plant in a place with full sun. Fertilization is important during the growth of Sardinia. The flowering season varies between species. However, most of the geranium plants bloom throughout the fall from spring.

dangling potted flowers

Tree mines (lantana)

Tree mines are one of the most gentle and beautiful flowers in the world. There are 150 different types. During the flowering period, the plant forms wonderful small clusters of various colors including pink, yellow, lilac, white and orange. You can see small clusters of different colored flowers in a single plant. This structure of the plant is a good reason to place it in hanging pots.

It is easy to cultivate tree enamels. After planting, it is important to hang the basket on a hot and sunny spot and irrigate it frequently during the growth phase. During the summer and autumn, the tree lemons continue to bloom.

dangling potted flowers


Begonia grows well in hangers or other pot types. It is a plant that is easy to grow and maintain. There are over 1500 different bougainvilleas in the world. Depending on the species, the size and appearance of the flowers also vary. Beautiful begonia flowers in various colors including red, white, pink, yellow, bronze and gray.

To plant seeds need to choose well-drained, fertile soils. It is important to grow this plant in full daylight. Colorful flowers bloom from late spring to early autumn.

dangling potted flowers

Lobelia (Cardinal flower)

Lobelya dangling potted flowers are the most easy to show and grow. There are about 350-400 types of lobelia in the world. Delicate lobular flowers bloom in various colors including blue, purple, yellow, white, pink and red. But the blue and violet lobsters are the most prominent in this type. This beautiful plant can be an excellent choice for garden borders and vine baskets.

Lobelya plants are grown from seed. It performs best on rich, wet soils. It is enough that the plant receives partial sun. Colorful, tubular flowers continue to open from summer to frost.

dangling potted flowers

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