Every day new hairstyles and cool haircuts for men are popping up. Never before has there been so much creativity in the world of barbering. It’s amazing! Barbers are mashing up different styles and producing some really cool looks. There are some classic cuts, fades, and side part combovers but a lot of the latest trends are showing off longer natural hair on top with short sides. Lets take a look at 100+ of the hottest men’s hairstyle trends and most popular haircuts for men. Pick out your next cool look!

1. Geometric Haircut With Hard Part + Pomp

mozambeak_AND__Geometric haircut with hard part

Haircut by Reece Beak of Ruger Barber

2. Pompadour + Fade Haircut


Haircut by Barber Josh Kneebone

 3. Fade Taken High + Naturally Parted


Haircut by Alan Beak

4. Wavy Crop Skin Fade Blunt Fringe


Haircut by Alan Beak

 5. Bald Fade With Textured Medium Length Hair

alexthebarber305_AND_____nice_fade with textured medium length hair

Haircut by Alex The Barber

6. Massive Pomp + High n Tight

javi_thebarber__AND_big pomp short sides high

Haircut by Javi The Barber

7. Side Part Pomp + Hard Part + Bald Fade


Haircut by The Greek

8. Medium Textured Hair + Disconnection +Curved Step Into V At The Back


Haircut by Braid Barbers

9. Big Pomp Blown Dry + Hair Design



10. Sides Cut Short + Loose Longer Hair On Top

andrewdoeshair high fade long hair flying on top

Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

11. Tight Fade Hardline Part Pomp


Haircut by Baldy at Baldy’s Barbers

12. Disconnected Fade + Natural Curly Hair

criztofferson_AND_Curly Hair

Haircut by Barber criztofferson

13. Undercut / Balded Fade / Long Loose Hair On Top


Haircut by Barber criztofferson

14. Skin Fade Pompadour


Haircut by Barber Greg Mcerlane

15. High Fade High Top Fresh Prince


Haircut by Barber Greg Mcerlane

16. Angled Haircut With Textures On Top Raw Blade Fade

hayden_cassidy_AND_Angled Haircut With Textures On Top Raw Blade Fade

Haircut by Hayden Cassidy

17. Shaved Sides + Long Textured Hair On Top


Haircut by Kieron The Barber Price

18. Skin Faded Big Pomp Haircut

kieronthebarber skin faded big pomp haircut

Haircut by Kieron The Barber Price

19. Skin Fade With Long Fringe

mattjbarbers_AND_skin fade

Haircut by Matt J Barbers

20. Long Hair On Top + Hard Part + Hi Lo Fade

menspiresalon long natural hair blow dried back hi lo fade

Haircut by Menspire Salon

21. Hard Part Pomp + Skin Fade

menspiresalon hard part pomp with skin fade

Haircut by Menspire Salon

22. Medium Length Hair Blown Dry With Natural Part Low Fade

mozambeak_AND_Blow_dry_natural part low fade

Haircut by Reece Beak

23. Loosely Styled Pomp

mozambeak Loosely styled pomp

Haircut by Reece Beak

24. Cool Flat Top With Steps


Haircut by Bonezdagoat

25. Spiked Combover + Hard Part + Faded

nickthebarber Balded Fade Hard Part Spiked Combover

Haircut by Nick The Barber

26. Bald Fade Undercut

zeke_the_barber Bald Fade Undercut

Haircut by Zeke The Barber

27.  Long Hair On Top + Very Natural Bald To Hi Fade

menspiresalon_AND_big longer hair on top very natural bald to hi fade

Haircut by Menspire Salon

28. Skin Fade + Hard Part + Long Natural Hair On Top

bitethythumb Skin Fade Hard Part Natural Hair

Haircut by Barber Nathan Emery

29. Fade + Undercut + Surgical Part


Haircut by Fade Master Anthony Mercado

30. Cool Hard Part + Hair Design

hawkthebarberprodigy_AND_cool hair designs

Haircut by Hawk The Barber Prodigy

31. Very Tall Pomp Combover + Fade Haircut

javi_thebarber__AND very tall pomp combover with fade haircut

Haircut by Javi The Barber

32. Loose Medium Length Texture On Top + Scissor Cut Short Sides

jodytaylorhair_AND_Loose_texture_scissors short sdes

Hairstyle by Jody Taylor

33. Bald Fade With A Fine Hard Part

joeybwood_AND__bald fade with a fine hard part

Haircut by Barber JoeyBWood

34. Choppy Textured Drop Fade


Haircut by Barber Josh Kneebone

35. High n Tight + Pomp Haircut


Haircut by Barber Reece Beak

36. Hi Fade + Big Natural Flow On Top

andrewdoeshair_AND_natural flow

Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

37. Short Sides + Waves On Top


Haircut by Barber Reece Beak

38. Bald Faded Hard Parted+ Shaped Beard


Haircut by Mr. Liptrot

39. All Scissors With Classic Waves Slicked Back


Haircut by Ross Parlane

40. Bald Fade With A Hard Part Styled Slick


Haircut by Zeke The Barber

41. Under-Fade With Long Hair Blown Dry


Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

42. Bald Fade + Side Textures + Disconnected Natural Curls


Haircut by Nelly The Barber

43. Bald Fade + With Thick Medium Hair

mozambeak structure weight texture

Haircut by Reece Beak

 44. Low Fade Pomp Haircut

andrewdoeshair_AND__low fade pomp

Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

45. Undercut + Very Fine Hair Blow Dried Big + Messy


Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

46. Cool Waves Chanel Blowdried With Short Cut Sides


Haircut by Nathan Emery

47. Bald Fade + Very Short On Top

bitethythumb_AND_bald fade and super short on top

Haircut by Nathan Emery

48. Bald Fade Long Bangs

daniele_deangelishair_AND bald fade long bangs

Haircut by Daniele De Angelis

49. Skin Fade + Natural Parting

folsombarberclub_AND_skin fade__natural_parting

Haircut by Matt Toller

50. Fringe Styled Forward

jodytaylorhair_AND_fringe styled forward

Haircut by Jody Taylor

51. Low Fade Slicked Back

kevinluchmun_AND_low fade slicked back

Haircut by Kevin Luchmun

52. Fade With Pomp + Fine Hard Part

kieronthebarber_AND_fade with pomp

Haircut by Kieron The Barber

53. Skin Faded Pompadour


Haircut by Kieron The Barber

54. Low Fade + Huge Pompadour

louis_thebarber_pr_AND_Corte_low fade and huge pompadour

Haircut by Louis The Barber

55. Cool Big Flat Top


Haircut by Louis The Barber

56. Medium Hair Length Kept Loose And Natural


Haircut by Reece Beak

57. Shaved Head + Bald Fade + Cool Moustache

sky_salon_AND_Blurryfade_w_painted_beard_faded_cool mustache

Haircut by Sky Salon

58. Pompadour Blow Dried Big and Tall Fortified With Strong Hold Pomade


Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

59. Hi Lo Fade + Cool Long Fringe


Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

60. Classic Combover Haircut Slicked Back

alexthebarber305_AND_classic haircut slicked back

Haircut by Alex The Barber

61. Skin Fade / Sharp Fade With Short Hair Blow Dried


Haircut by Cesar Flores

62. High Top + High Fade


Haircut by Greg Mcerlane

63. Low Skin Fade Side Part Pomp


Haircut by Greg Mcerlane

64. Disconnected + Longer Natural Curls On Top

menspiresalon_AND_disconnected longer natural curls on top

Haircut by Menspiresalon

65. Bald Fade Undercut With Long Hair Slicked Back


Haircut by nore cutz305

66. Pomp With Disconnected Beard


Haircut by Joth Davies of Savills Barbers

67. Short Sides + Natural Cowlick In The Front


Haircut by Alan Beak

68. Sharp Fade Combover Hardpart

cesarfadeshair_AND sharp fade combover hardpart

Haircut by Cesar Flores

69. Fade + Medium Length Hair Slicked Back

baldysbarbers_AND_fade and longer hair slicked back

Haircut by Baldy at Baldy’s Barbers

70. Bald Fade + Curve Design + Natural On Top


Haircut by Nelly the Barber

71. High Fade + Natural Curls


Haircut by Nelly the Barber

72. High Fade + Longer Natural Hair Blown Dry On Top


Haircut by Niall Barber

73. Bald Fade + Natural Textures On Top

bigenking_AND_bald fade natural textures on top

Haircut by Rob The Bigen King

74. Low Fade + Cool Waves

kennybean_haircuts Low Fade + Waves

Haircut by Kenny Bean

75. Bald Fade + Slick Side (Hard) Part Pomp


Haircut by Zeke The Barber

76. Bald Fade + Short Natural Textures


Haircut by Zeke The Barber

77.  Long Natural Hair On Top With A Bald Fade


Haircut by Andy FadeMaster Rosario

78. Low Fade + Short Textured Hair


Haircut by Criztofferson

79. Bald Fade + Natural Curls


Haircut by Criztofferson

80. Hi Fade + Fine Hard Part


Haircut by Cesar Flores

80+ Popular Men’s Haircuts + Hairstyles - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://alldesingideas.com


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