College is a place and time in your life where every girl would like to look cute and stylish. To a large extent almost every college going girl succeeds in doing so. However, the same trend would seem inappropriate once these girls start working in a professional setting.

Here are a few formal hairstyles for girls that would look great at any work place:

1. Short Formal Bob:


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This is a classiest and most sort after hairstyle in the international circuit. This hairstyle is often sported by well established women. Sporting this haircut would relatively make you seem more responsible and trustworthy, two traits that would take you to great heights in your professional career.

2. Boyish Pixie:


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Ellen DeGeneres carries off this hairstyle with class. She has a very formal yet interactive personality. If you work with the PR desk you can surely wear this hairstyle.

3. Rounded Short Bob:


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This rounded bob cannot go wrong on any face. Women across age groups can wear this style with eloquent grace.

4. Wavy Bob Cut:


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This timeless formal hairstyle for girls never disappoints. A perfect cut for those who wish to have a formal yet playful aura associated with them. This cut would go perfectly with a suit and a tie and is one of the best formal hairstyles for teenage girls!

5. Wavy Bob Cut with Bangs:


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Youthful and in command, this hairstyle looks splendid on women of all age groups. Cuteness and power personified.

6. Medium Bob Cut:


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This style gives flow and length to the bob cut meant to keep your tresses short. The windy flare and the tiny strand act as a bang gives definition to this style.

7. Short Bob Hairstyle with Bangs:


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This is one of the best formal hairstyles for young girls that gives a sleek and neat look. It contours your face and enhances the eyes.

8. Bobs with Askew Bangs:


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This is a workaholic style gives the impression of you being a tough woman. The bangs swept away behind the ear give a charge of dominance.

9. Bob Swept Back Style:


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This hairdo is done with the hair swept back. Team this up with softer shades on the lips or a gloss and you are good to go.

10. Bob with Inward Curls:


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Michelle Obama definitely looks gorgeous in this style. Femininity is sometimes combining to opposite traits and working! This coif is perfect for those special high end events.

11. Bob with Flared Bangs:


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Similar to the earlier style, the difference comes with flared bangs and a smaller fringe from the temple. The deep parting in the middle gives the extra bounce at the edges.

12. Short Bob Hairstyle:


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The side parting and the bangs are swept just above the eye. An after party rush to work style, again use softer makeup as the hair makes a strong statement.

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13.  Short Bob Style:


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The twisty parting, the straight cut and those piercing eyes, all make for an impressive formal design.

14. Concave Bob Hairstyle:


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A zoomed in affair; this hairstyle gives the impression of a confident and powerful person.

15. Pixie Bob Hairstyle:


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The hairdo exudes elegance. The style involves layering the bob with a pixie flavour.

16. Bob Hairstyle with Layered Bangs:


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The hairstyle looks best with a smile and an elegant charm, the breath of every girl.

17. Curly and Layered Bob:


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The hairdo has curly and wavy twists in layers and not to forget the dual tone of platinum and blonde in very subtle blending shades.

18. Rolled in Curly Bobs:


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Go for a more formal dress or a regular conservative suit. The layers rolled in with the bangs impart freshness. The curls make your face tender.

19. A-line Bob Hairstyle:


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This A-line bob cut helps define your facial features. Keira Knightley wears this style with great poise and elegance.

20. Wavy Blunt Cut:


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The style flatters her makeup and lipstick. The wavy edges curled out compliment her look. A formal couture with a bold shade gives a very strong edge.

21. Infinity Knot:


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A simple knot can help you a lot in a busy assignment in a busy schedule. Easy on time when kept simple can look very classy.

22. Low Knot:


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Spice up the simple low knot with a swept away bang in the front.

23. Tied Short Curls:


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Tie up your curly and wavy hair at the back with a few loose ends to make the face soft. Carry the formal style with no shimmer.

24. Retro Cut:


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The retro flair will complement the conservative attire worn. Wear it minus a neck piece. The bare neckline can often spice up.

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25. Knotted Pony:


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This high knotted pony without the heavy glitter would help start your day with a bounce.

26. High Rise Bun:


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This formal updo with a side parting helps gives volume to the hair. Wear it with a gown or a dress; the choice is yours.

27. Bun with Side Bang:


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The wavy bang and the lifted crown add volume to the hair. Wear this classic formal bun for any official trip and heads are bound to turn.

28. Side Swept Bun:


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The bun is not very tight nor very loose, just right for the job.

29. Curly Edges:


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Long hair can be curled at the ends with a side parting. The curls give a tender and glamorous look to otherwise boring attire.

30. Wavy Curly Medium Length Bob:


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Reese Witherspoon wears it pink. Go for soft pink formals and team up with these curls sans the glitter.

31. Braid Waves:


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Display the braid effect on the long or medium length hair. A styling product would help to keep the do in place.

32. Curls for Medium Length Hair:


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Curl the hair and gather them on one side of your shoulders with a side parting.

33. The Sleek Ponytail:


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Actress Natasha Yarovenka wears this simple yet sleek style with a short dress. Go for a more conservative attire for a corporate effect.

34. Ironed Out:


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For this hairstyle you would have to iron out the tresses. Use a styling product to prevent flyaways.

35. Simple Ponytail:


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This style is perfect for the first job or new office goers. This hairstyle gives the first fresh effect in one glance. It’s easy to wear. The hairstyle will suit any formal occasion.

36. Braided Tail:


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Weave a French braid on one side and gather the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Use a styling product to prevent flyaway!

37. Fish Braid:


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Weave the hair into an intricate the formal do.

38. Braided Curls:


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The braided wrap around resembles a headband. Tie the rest of the hair into a pony or leave it open for a curly get- up.

39. Side Chignon:


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The side chignon is swept away with the bangs; it looks simple and sober.

40. Soft Waves:


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Leave your thick hair open and make soft waves. This style contours the long face here in the picture.

41. Braided Pigtail:


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Start weaving a braid from the temple to the end on both sides of the side parting. Make a braid right till the end, braid the rest of the hair and merge it with the two mini braids.

42. Black Tight Pony:


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This tight pony is one of the best formal hairstyles for black girls. Gather your hair, middle part the hair and tie it high or low but keep it tight to give a neat formal coiffure.

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43. Soft Curls for Medium length Hair:


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For the formal inaugural, team this style with any formal attire, the essence would be very corporate.

44. Knotted Braids:


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Give the braid effect by simply knotting and twisting the strands in a braided way. Secure with pins and leave the hair open, tie it up in a bun or make a high pony.

45. Side Braid:


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Always wear this hairstyle with formal suits and look neat and sober.

46. Intricate Weave:


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Would take a bold and sensuous girl to carry that! But if you can, just do it! The hairstyle is classy, complex, a little messy but stylish. The dash of bold colour complements it so well.

47. Messy Plaits:


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Messy to Office! Yes! Make a side braid, make it neat messy with bangs swept behind your ear without the glitter.

48. Twisted Bun:


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Comb the hair, do a middle part or a side part, twist the hair and gather the hair into a bun. The style is neat and attractive.

49. Side Swept Pixie:


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Love short hair! Try this pixie with side swept bangs. Serious and playful at the same time!

50. Knot it Up in Highlights:


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A simple one sided knot makes your hairstyle rather attractive. You could either tie it high or low in a pony.

Hope you liked these formal hairstyles for girls! Formal get-up can have both; a bold or a softer tone. Go for whatever suits you and whatever you can carry. To be safe, be on the softer side when you mean business. However, there is no stopping from being experimental and bold. We appreciate your feedback; do leave your comments down there!

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