If you can grow a beard and haven’t tried one before you definitely should. It will transform your look and get you noticed. Plus, it is a fun thing to do. A full beard and a cool hairstyle is the epitome of manliness. Here are 22 of the latest cool beards and hairstyles for men to give you some inspiration.

1. Man Bun + Full Beard

anthonybogdan_man bun beard

Beard by Anthony Bogdan

2. Slicked Back Hair + Long Beard

beardedvillains_davedriskell long beard slicked back hair

Beard by Dave Driskell

3. Medium Length Hair + Beard

beardsaresexy_chrisjohnmillington medium length hair and beard

Beard by Chris John Millington

4. High Fade + Medium Natural Slicked Back + Big Beard

beardsaresexy_levistocke_long beard and medium hair

Beard by Levi Stocke

5. High Fade Slicked Combover Pomp + Groomed Beard

beardsaresexy_fracrox_high fade combover pomp nicely groomed beard

Beard by Franggyyanez

6. Short Hair + Groomed Beard

marcomu_short hair and groomed beard

Beard by Marco Musto

7. Cool Slicked Back Hair + Big Beard

beardsaresexy_rickisamhall_slicked back hair and thick beard

Beard by Ricki Hall

8. Natural Medium Hair Look + Full Beard

mee.kay_medium natural hair big beard

Beard by Meekay

9. Long Hair Undercut + Big Beard

beardsaresexy_spizoiky_undercut long hair natural big beard

Beard by Josh Mario John

10. Texturized Medium Hair + Groomed Beard

chrisjohnmillington_texturized medium hair and groomed beard

Beard by Chris John Millington

11. Slicked Back Hair Nicely Groomed Full Beard

dominikberberich_shot_by__markusbacherphotographer_slicked back hair faded big beard

Beard by Dominik Berberich

12. Medium Length Hair + Shorter Trimmed Beard

travbeachboy_short beard medium loose natural hair slicked back

Beard by Travis DesLaurier

13. High Fade Combover + Long Beard

beardedvillains_volkdemir_hard part fade combover long beard

Beard by Volkan Demir

14. Wild Medium Hair + Big Beard

ekindonen_big wild hair and beard

Beard by Ekin Dönen

15. Long Hair + Full Beard

spizoiky_long hair beard

Beard by Josh Mario John

16. Long Fringe + Medium Hair Undercut + Groomed Beard

levistocke_loose slicked hair undercut groomed beard

Beard by Levi Stocke

17. Natural Medium Length Hair + Full Beard

fracrox_natural medium length hair and beard

Beard by Franggyyanez

18. Short Curly Hair + Groomed Beard

smiepeters_curly hair and groomed beard

Beard by Nicholas Peters

19. Long Hair + Long Beard

luca_sguazzini_long hair and full beard

Beard by Luca Sguazzini

20. Low Bald Fade Curly Quiff + Disconnected Beard

beardsaresexy_shaun_garvey_big disconnected beard and fade

Beard by Shaun Garvey

     21. Medium Hair Blown Dry + Beard

roque_80_medium hair blown dry and beard

Beard by Carlos Costa

22. High Fade + Slicked Hair + Disconnected Big Beard

steven_hardie_colgan_high fade long beard

Beard by Steven Hardie Colgan

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22 Cool Beards And Hairstyles For Men - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://alldesingideas.com


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