He has made with the charcoal black and white style geometric tattoos with a remarkable artistic output of Kamil Mokot ‘tan, there are studies that we have compiled in our publication. Kamil Mokot, who does fascinating works with his tattoos and geometric touches in pencil or sketch style, is usually fed by animal kingdom. The artist concentrates mainly on elephant, cat and deer tattoos.

Kamil Mokot, who designs the wolf head tattoo in black and white and the other in color , likes to use sharp lines in geometrical structure. Kamil Mokot,who especially adds sharp lines to his fearless tattoo designs, designs many animal head tattoos and designs one side of the face and the other side as geometric.

In her tattoos, she uses the animal realms and also designs intermediate  flower tattoos . Drawing attention to the elephant and cat tattoos, the artist has created a unique catalog with his work in many body parts. The artist who attracts attention with his arm and leg tattoos especially with his back and chest tattoos döv which tattoo should be made to the body? Ud or dövme in which size of the body should be used? Cev answers the questions.

Kamil Mokot ‘s unique charcoal style black and white geometric tattooscompiled below. Hope you have beautiful and inspiring voyages.

20+ Works by Artist Kamil Mokot, Designing Geometric Tattoos - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://alldesingideas.com


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