Located in models with different styles of tattoos Misty art three of black.dot.ki to ‘Welcome to the archive. The artist, who covers a hazy plate on black tattoo models , reflects the line between uncertainty and certainty in his work. In particular, the animal kingdom and humanitarian figures created by tattoos used in black.dot.kime is a harbinger of an effort resembling salvation.


The illusion of the world we create the barriers and the brain function represented by the look of the tattoo artist covering with black ink on reality, argues that the perspective of salvation will begin to change. It is also clear that the acceptance of a mind, which claims that victory is neither defeat nor victory, breaks so much temporality when it cleanses . The existence of time is a metaphor on the same plane as connecting to a cigarette or drug, considering that it increases the dependence of the mind. It would not be surprising to be dependent on the reaction of the past and the future if the addiction to thinking is a habit to the mind’s automatic reactions.


We continue by pulling a hazy plate to the life of automatic lives with automatic continuous loops. In time we trigger the formation of new thoughts and emotions with the emotion seals created by past thoughts, not by what we think. The existence of time also continues in this way.


However, our experience of life is just a game on the scene . Can we react to the players excited or sad while watching a theater? Can you stop the game and say hey why are you doing this to me?

Here is our own life is like this theater game. If we prefer to respond to the events we experience instead of reactivity, we will remove the mental ambushes in our lives .

So we need to empty the trash in our minds. Inspirational moves.🙂

20+ How to Get Rid of Misty Tattoo Models and Thought Cycles in Our Life - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://alldesingideas.com


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