Welcome to the archive of Dima Novikov , who makes tattoos of the mystical icons in a fluid black and white style . Dima Novikov , whose work is based on the eastern culture, and its fluidity and repetition with ink, draws attention with its depth.

Most of us go through various processes before getting a tattoo . The tattoo we have to make first has a meaning. On this basis, we build on our identity roles and we continue with the stories we tell about the adventure we started.

The continuation of the line that we have shaped in our head

  • Should it be colored tattoos ?
  • Does it look more beautiful in black and white?
  • Where does this tattoo look beautiful in my body?

in the form of many mental processes. Some of us like linear tattoos, some of us are tattoos, some of us like minimal tattoos. The most important element in the tattoo is that the tattoo is compatible with our identity . The elements to be examined to ensure this harmony is what the tattoo model will be, its color, size and where it will stand.

Dima Novikov describes inward-turning and peace with philosophical depth with black-and-white tattoo models. The icons are mostly used in the third eye, again, masks and fluidity principle. Here are some of the compilations of Dima Novikov , who created the black-and-white tattoos of deeper meaning . Have a nice look.

20+ Artist Dima Novikov on the Fluid in Life with Philosophical Tattoo - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://alldesingideas.com


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